Between 2010 to 2014, I lost three family members to cancer. Not only their passing is a reminder how vulnerable we are, but also the importance of keeping a proper mental, nutritional and physically balance.

It is estimated 
that at least one-third of all cancers cases are preventable through improvements in Diet, Weight and Physical activity alone.

OUTRUN CANCER is a not for profit organisations which use RUNNING as its tool to INSPIRE people into ACTION, raising AWARENESS and funds for CANCER PREVENTION specific programs.  The program main fundraiser is the Corporate Treadmill Marathon, a unique running event and the only one of its type in Australia. It’s a relay style marathon, on a treadmill, designed for corporates across Australia to be an engaging and fun way to develop team spirit, encourage team and inter-department communication and improve fitness in the workplace. 

As the Company's Director, I am proud to offer OUTRUN CANCER & the founder, Luca Turrini our time and expertise to organise and run some of their events. 

We share their love and passion for running and belief that sporting events are a vehicle to bring participants & community together. 

Run Healthy, Run Free
— Luca Turrini – OUTRUN CANCER Founder

The Success Cycle

This post was published on Linkedin Pulse on the 21st January 2015.

It's 103 days since I left an amazing full-time job to embark on the journey of an entrepreneur. Even today, I still get asked why I left what was a dream job for someone like me. I am a runner well connected to all levels of the Australian running community. I am passionate and enthusiastic about the sport and have all the knowledge and experience for the job.


So why?

I left because I felt I was losing touch with the running community. At work, these people are our customers. Outside work, these same group are my friends; people whom I bust my lungs running fartlek sessions with, mates whom I sit around drowning ocean blue electrolytes after a massive Saturday temp run. And they are the same community who I race with and against on weekends. Being one of them, I want to connect with them by providing them with an experience I yearn for - emotive, supportive, connective and respected. And it's by going on my own I believe I can shape it into the form that would bridge that gap.

Together with my coach and team of trusted advisors, I was ready to rock the sports world. 

Since October last year, I have attended a full on ten days Anthony Robbins "Life and Wealth Mastery" course in Fiji. I took on a project at News Limited working on the Pride of Australia awards , started consulting to The North Face 100, Australia's biggest Ultra Marathon. I took on the running component of a brand new festival in a populous suburb, and I am now working on a proposal for a consortium of investors on a brand new event.

Yet each night as I reflect on my day's progress, I beat myself up that I am progressing so slowly in the development of my own project(s). It wasn't until Elaine, my coach reminded me about the success cycle and the importance of my beliefs.

My Beliefs determine the potential I see.
My Potential determines the Action I take
My Actions determines the Results I produce.
My Results reinforce my Beliefs.


So from now on I will acknowledge and consciously be grateful for the current work I have, and more importantly reinforce that belief the concept and event I want to create will happen.

Since I started this post with a quote from Henry Ford, I will end it with another one of his.

Whether you think you can or you think you can't--you're right.