Between 2010 to 2014, I lost three family members to cancer. Not only their passing is a reminder how vulnerable we are, but also the importance of keeping a proper mental, nutritional and physically balance.

It is estimated 
that at least one-third of all cancers cases are preventable through improvements in Diet, Weight and Physical activity alone.

OUTRUN CANCER is a not for profit organisations which use RUNNING as its tool to INSPIRE people into ACTION, raising AWARENESS and funds for CANCER PREVENTION specific programs.  The program main fundraiser is the Corporate Treadmill Marathon, a unique running event and the only one of its type in Australia. It’s a relay style marathon, on a treadmill, designed for corporates across Australia to be an engaging and fun way to develop team spirit, encourage team and inter-department communication and improve fitness in the workplace. 

As the Company's Director, I am proud to offer OUTRUN CANCER & the founder, Luca Turrini our time and expertise to organise and run some of their events. 

We share their love and passion for running and belief that sporting events are a vehicle to bring participants & community together. 

Run Healthy, Run Free
— Luca Turrini – OUTRUN CANCER Founder